Hi! I'm Andrea and as an Energetic Leadership Coach,

Hypnosis Trainer, NLP Trainer and TLT®️ Trainer, I'm an expert on the subconscious and what unlocks our greatness.

For over a decade I was a Teacher and Curriculum Creator, living in
different countries around the world and bing paid by School Boards and
the private sector alike to create life changing programs.

After a life-changing moment living overseas, I moved back to Canada
and invested over 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars to discover
what makes us tick. I left the Education field and started my own
business as a coach. I grew that business to six figures in just two
years and never looked back.

But along the way, something strange happened.

Even though I was checking off financial
milestones, I KNEW that I wasn't showing up as the most extraordinary version of myself.

I felt myself holding back. Not showing up exactly
how I wanted to; not being as visible as I desired.

It was driving me crazy! And despite analyzing and analyzing, I couldn't quite put my finger on what was causing it,

so I knew that the key had to be in my subconscious

. Somewhere inside of me, in my thoughts, beliefs and emotions lay the key.

That's when I used everything I'd learned
to shift what was happening at the root. Once I did the deep work, my
life change dramatically.

Thanks to the power of releasing, rewiring, and redesigning what was possible, I started doing things like $60K sales months, and $30K cashflow months.

Talk about incredible shifts!

I started to share this with my clients and watched their lives change too.

Together we created:

More meaning. More alignment.

More FUN and laughter.

More trust and happiness.

And of course, more income and impact.

When your mind-space, heart-space and soul-space are on board for what you desire, along with specific growth stage strategies, success follows.

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