Red Carpet Sales System

You will learn how to accomplish your goals, and more!

Are you interested in changing the way you think about money so that you can earn the revenue you deserve? Do you want to connect with clients who recognize the value of your hard work and are willing to pay your fees?

Is improving your communication skills in order to develop mutually gratifying relationships with your clients important to you? Are you getting tired of not being able to effectively close a sale?

Interested in making decisions that benefit you and earn your company a solid reputation in your industry?

With the Red Carpet Sales System, you will learn how to accomplish all of these goals, and more!

The Red Carpet Sales System is an 8 week virtual self-study guide, developed for the savvy entrepreneur or business leader who wishes to make his or her mark on the world. Our extensive experience in working with hundreds of clients led to the creation of this interactive platform from which you can learn about, and apply, key strategies that will help you improve your business! Our guide has been engineered to fit the needs of every type of communication style, in order for you to maximize what you learn and turn it into a six-figure + income.

How you will benefit

Learn about the psychology around money; stop thinking like the poor, and start thinking like the rich.

Your business, your way, they pay; a step-by-step guide to working with clients who are willing to pay your fees.

Discover how to take the sting out of selling and effectively close a sale, using our predictable and easy to replicate closing process.

Bonus! Get our "Clients in 30 Days or Less" module

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You will receive access to the Red Carpet Sales System virtual learning program, and a free ticket to our Influence Like A Pro live event (valid for one year from date of purchase)

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If you’re not completely satisfied with our Red Carpet Sales System, we offer you a full 30 day money back “I love it satisfaction” guarantee*.

Like all hard-working business people, earning a profit is important – it’s one of the main reasons people go into business for themselves! If you’re interested in increasing your revenue, here’s how the Red Carpet Sales System can help you:

  • Super duper easy, step by step process on the key components of any sales process from start to finish (Hint: the real secret sauce behind most "scripts")
  • Get a crystal clear map of which clients you’re willing to serve, and who is willing to pay big bucks for your products or services
  • Start influencing others like a pro; learn the key skills required to have others join in on your entrepreneurial visions
  • Start to enjoy the art of sales once again!

Over 90% of our clients who have tapped into the power of Andrea Ivanka Internationals Red Carpet Sales System have told us that they are completely satisfied with the results!

At Andrea Ivanka International, we recognize that one of the challenges of our competitors programs is that they are lacking in teaching their clients the psychology required for growing and maintaining a successful business. Our professionals have invested over $200,000 in personal growth, and tested each and every facet of what we learned to determine what works. Now you can gain access to our extensive knowledge at a fraction of the cost of our investment, and at a fraction of the time! Included in the Red Carpet Sales System is the Accelerate Your Success Program, designed to help entrepreneurs or soon-to-be entrepreneurs build a solid foundation on which to build a successful and sustainable business. We’ve assisted realtors, mortgage brokers, accountants, coaches, consultants, insurance brokers, financial advisors, and many more reach their business aspirations!

If after completing the Red Carpet Sales System self-study guide within 30 days, you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, then simply show us the work that you have done and we’ll gladly give you a full refund*