Red Carpet E-Book

The 5 Step Red Carpet Closers Blueprint

The 5 Step Red Carpet Closers Blueprint

Have you ever felt like someone was treating you like a walking ATM? Have you ever witnessed a really bad sales person and told yourself that you'd hate to be in the other person's shoes? Or even worse, felt like you had to force someone into a sale?

The Bad News Is: We’ve all seen it too many times.
The Good News Is: That slimy feeling, outdated sales process is no longer working.

"Just back home after my first Red Carpet One Day Package. Client and I enjoyed ourselves at the King Edward Hotel. Your royal treatment of our group at the Montreal Castle inspired me. So I booked her a massage at the hotel spa before our meeting started, then we enjoyed lunch, afternoon tea, and 8 hours of ‘work’ in a private boardroom. At the end, she presented me with a 2nd check for the full balance; $4,520. Deep bow for this. I am so grateful, Millions, Millions of Thanks You’s!" - Romanita C.

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