About Andrea

Entrepreneur, Author, Educator, Mentor & International Speaker

About Andrea

International Coach & Speaker to 60+ Countries | Over 1,000 Customers & Clients

An international speaker and coach, Andrea comes from a background that has always included educating and empowering aspiring leaders. She is the game changer changer. She has served over 1000 customers and clients and has spoken to over 9,000 people worldwide. Andrea has been featured on TV shows, shared the stage with media tycoons, multi-millionaires and A-list celebrities. The person you see on the big stage is the same humble person you’ll meet at a coffee shop. She stands for authenticity, integrity and fun.

Andrea helps high-achieving, open minded entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are ready for a breakthrough by giving them an unfair advantage in their industry...all through winning communication that has helped some of her clients grow their business up to 400% within a few short months. Her client’s favorite phrase is "Work with Andrea before spending any more money on marketing."

In her day to day life, Andrea holds the vision of her clients being powerful, unstoppable and capable of achieving anything that they set their minds to. She is committed to their transformation and in doing so, knows that the world will change – one person at a time.

Andrea loves travelling by train, adores Mexican food, and can say “Thank-you” in at least eight different languages. Her guilty pleasure: Korean dramas. Feel free to say hello and get connected. She’d love to hear from you!