Ready to Unleash Your Inner Game Changer & Become An Empire Builder?

Connect with more clients, triple your sales and build your legacy!

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Ready to Unleash Your Inner Game Changer & Become An Empire Builder?

Connect with more clients, triple your sales and build your legacy!

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Are you a potential game changer who aspires to revolutionize your industry?

Do you want to triple your business without working harder than you currently are?

Are you ready for more happiness, fullfillment and freedom?

Do you want to be a positive influence and leave behind a legacy of business success?

Welcome to personalized success coaching, sales training &
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Are you willing to do what it takes to bring your business to the next level?

At Andrea Ivanka International we know that commitment, effort and determination are great assets to have as an entrepreneur. However, those assets will only carry you so far. In order to reach the pinnacle of success, you may have to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. It’s all too common for business owners to invest in upgrading their inventory, or their IT systems, but at the root of every business are the people who manage and sell. YOU are the biggest asset to your company. All leading entrepreneurs know very well that investing in themselves and their personnel first is always the best investment. A sales coaching professional from Andrea Ivanka International can help accelerate this important process. We are the secret to growing a successful business!

The sales coaching professionals at Andrea Ivanka International have assisted over a thousand entrepreneurs by offering sales workshops and sales seminars that help our clients become successful in business, and in life. There are a lot of common struggles that todays entrepreneurs must face, such as the art of the sale. The manner in which people sell products and services today is vastly different from how they sold them a decade ago, and sales techniques will continue to evolve over the next 10 years and beyond. Effective selling is a constant learning proccess and is the foundation of any business, and that's why sales coaching is vital to the growth and prosperity of any company. We're certain that effective selling is the foundation of your business too, which is why Andrea Ivanka International provides business owners and managers alike professional sales training through our personalized mentorship services, sales seminars and sales workshops. Our sales coaching experts feel thrilled when they hear success stories from entrepreneurs they have mentored. Entrepreneurs who used to think that their sales abilities were poor, and who, after just a few sessions with us realized that selling had become as natural to them as breathing, and saw their sales targets met, and at times even surpassed. Our sales training coaches can fully empathize, because after all, we were once just like our clients!

Are you willing to do what it takes to bring your business to the next level?

Andrea Ivanka Internationals sales coaching professionals know that a successful business depends on sales to keep it afloat. But in addition to sales, there's another important aspect of running a prosperous company, and that's what we like to call the "business owner mindset". Your mindset is the attitude and intention you bring to the table when meeting with potential or existing clients. A positive mindset is what allows you to face and overcome all the challenges and obstacles that are associated with being an entrepreneur, head-on.

No matter which stage of growth your business is at, developing your company can be an overwhelming process. The feelings of anxiety you may experience from meeting with a long-term client in an attempt to close a sale in the tens of thousands of dollars, are probably the same feelings you experienced the first time you met with a new client and tried to close a hundred dollar sale. An outstanding sales training coach will tell you that in spite of the period of time between the two events, and their dollar amount difference, the associated anxiety can be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner, and they will provide you with sales training tactics to teach you how to do just that. For entrepreneurs who depend on their business success for their livelihood, success is the only option! In order to be successful, business owners must take a leap of faith in their business operations, and in themselves. So why not put you, and your business, first by enrolling in one of Andrea Ivanka Internationals sales workshops or sales seminars? The beneficial results you and your business will gain in return will make you glad you did!

The sales coaching experts at Andrea Ivanka International offer a
variety of services to help you develop your professional potential

Sales Coaching

Do you require personalized sales coaching to help you develop client relationships, improve your methods of communication, and close your sales?

Accelerate Your Success

Sales Training

Do you want to confidently connect with clients who recognize the value of your hard work and are willing to invest in your products or services?

Red Carpet Sales System
How To Connect Like A Pro
Captivate Your Audience

Sales Workshops & Sales Seminars

Do you want to become an industry leader in your field but don’t know where to start? Explore Andrea Ivankas helpful sales workshops and sales seminars.

Influence Like A Pro
Captivate Your Audience

What Our Clients Say

I’ve been able to close 100% of my deals.

Sandra Longden Real Estate Agent featured on Top Million Dollar Agent - Niagara, Canada

I slashed my debt in half. I sleep like a baby.

Paula Margulis Real Estate Agent featured on Top Million Dollar Agent - Toronto, Canada

Andrea helps you develop internal motivation, breakthroughs in your sales, communication styles, and your business.

Brett Yeager #1 Sales Representative award in 2013 and 2014 - New York, USA

My cash flow grew by 200% with only one suggestion!

Danilo Voljanek Bowen Therapist

Andrea is very humble, what you see on stage is who you get to know in person.

Dr. Gunawardhana Udara Galle, Sri Lanka

Andrea understands that everything starts with your mindset. She can help more women get on the right track.

Rachel Lim Real Estate TV Host & Coach - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Andrea is an inspiration to women. She leads by example so her clients can do the same.

DeeDee Quah Founder of Bloom Communications for Medical Conferences - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sothea understands the importance of non-verbal communication which is key to success. How you say things is as important as what you say.

Brad Taiwan Retail Shops Owner - Taipei, Taiwan

Two of my biggest sales to date.

Todor Yordanov Real Estate Agent and Renovator of the year 2012

Key components integral to business success

Andrea Ivanka International recognizes 5 key components of sales coaching integral to business success, which our sales coaching experts focus on throughout each and every one of our sales workshops and sales seminars


Whether it’s working with high-end clients, or being more proficient at what you do, the goal of profitability is one area of sales coaching that we focus on to effectively evolve your business and ensure that you generate the revenue you deserve.


Having worked with hundreds of clients, our sales training coaches know that when you lack productivity you are most likely hitting a blind spot. Our sales coaching helps you find it and will assists you in developing a game plan that conforms to your sensibilities in order to overcome the obstacles you face in successfully operating your business.


Without passion your business would fail miserably! Andrea Ivanka Internationals sales coaching professionals aid you in nourishing your passion, and ensure that it develops into tangible results for you and your bottom line.


Everyone has their own unique way of doing things. Based on our sales training coaches extensive experience we can identify areas of improvement pertaining to your business mindset and practices, and help you tweak your process so as to improve your operations and generate more earnings.


Andrea Ivanka Internationals believes that you receive 1000 times over that which you extend into the universe. Successful entrepreneurs are those that give back to society, generously sharing their success with others in order to make the world a better place for everyone to live. Through our sales workshops and sales seminars, our sales coaching experts will teach you how to implement this idea into your daily business operations.

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